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Bauchtasche 1
Bauchtasche 1
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Bauchtasche 1

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Durable organic leather, that shapes uniquely based on the owner, protects an organizational structure.



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Bauchtasche 1

Durable organic leather, that shapes uniquely based on the owner, protects an organizational structure. Made for the wildest nightlife adventures and for the office look the next day - it is famously luxurious and functional. Being part of the heritage, Bauchtasche 1 embodies our soul - classic, bold, sophisticated yet enigmatic and functional. Protect by a strong leather cover are three separate zipped compartments overing space for all your belongings. The signature lighter pocket on the outside completes the sleek silhouette. From day, night and repeat - Bauchtasche 1 is up for the adventure.

Strong Leather

All leather goods are made by saddle leather, which due to its natural qualities such as stability, longevity and water resistance does not need further chemical treatment. This leather was widely popular in past centuries, nowadays due its manufacturing complexity, is usually discarded in the process of the leather production.

Due to its rawness the leather breathes, ages, and molds to the wearer, making each MYL BERLIN leather good a one-of-a kind – An item that becomes more personal with every adventures and event.